A Brief History of the Colorado Rockies

Take a deep breath, because we’re going up into the mountain air!

This week we’re taking a quick jaunt through the history of a relatively young team in Denver, that we know as the Colorado Rockies. Named for the surrounding mountain range, and represented by a triceratops mascot named Dinger,  the Rockies were a long time coming, as reports of attempts to start a team in the area date back to the late 1950’s! It took until the 90’s for the expansion team to take shape, and in 1993 the purple-clad players made their debut in the MLB – the same year as the Florida (now Miami) Marlins.

As with many new teams, the first decade or so proved to be a bit… rocky (sorry, I love a terrible pun!) Luckily the Rockies briefly found their footing in 1995, thanks to a new stadium (Coors Field) and several new players. Newcomer Larry Walker helped lead his young team as far as the playoffs that season, which, unfortunately would be the last time  Colorado would see the postseason for a while. After a rough patch of about 12 years, the Rockies plowed all the way through to their first World Series in 2007, where, unfortunately, they were steamrolled by the Boston Red Sox in just 4 games. Personally, I would like to say that this historical whooping makes the Sox their all-time rival, but, as they only play them in the regular season once every 3 years, this article makes better arguments for the Rockies’ National League competitors.

After their stint in the big game, the Rockies only made it to the postseason once, losing to the Phillies in the NLDS of 2009, and have failed to place beyond 3rd in their division since then. While that’s not exactly a stellar record, as I write this, a new season is brewing, and absolutely anything can happen. So, if you’re a Rockies fan, keep the faith – it’s a new year! If you’re looking to become a Rockies fan, buckle up! There’s a brand new season full of hope, and a week full of fantastic fan outfits, coming your way.

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