A Brief History of the Los Angeles Dodgers!


Never fear – Brooklyn’s here!

If you’re not confused by that, then congrats – you know your history! Or Newsies. Either way, bravo.

For the rest of you, allow me to drop some Dodgers knowledge on y’all. The team we now know as the Los Angeles Dodgers has actually only been on the west coast since 1958. In fact, they’ve spent more time playing as an east coast team, as they began playing in Brooklyn back in 1883! The Dodgers also weren’t known by their current name until around 1932, and it was based on the area around their stadium in Brooklyn, Ebbets Field, where people frequently had to dodge trolleys.

One of the most monumental occasions in Dodger history happened in the spring of 1947, when Jackie Robinson was brought onto the team, beginning the breakdown of racial barriers, and making him the first African American player in the major leagues. This is why you’ll see the number 42 retired in every ballpark in the outfield, honoring his memory. This is also why the latest ballpark for the Mets was built to look similar to Ebbets Field, and has a massive statue of #42 in Jackie Robinson rotunda.

Now after the Dodgers were denied a new ballpark by their own city, they hauled across the country to start anew in LA, making them the team you know now. They’ve called Dodgers Stadium home since 1962, and have, amazingly, kept basically the same uniforms since even beyond that! The classic white uniforms are accented with royal blue piping, cursive blue writing, and small red accents, like the numbers on the front of their jerseys.

With a history as storied as the Dodgers, I’m hoping to lean more on that for outfit inspiration, as opposed to just their uniforms or logo. I also am fortunate to have a bevy of LA-based designers and stores to select pieces from, so I’m really excited to see what I can put together this week!

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  1. A note on the Citi Field, if anyone cares. In addition the big 42 sculpture in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, there are also inspirational quotes from Jackie all around the room, examples of Jackie’s core values all around, and (my favorite feature) a copy of Jackie’s cleat prints in the ground to stand in. It’s really fun to stand in them and feel like you’re standing where Jackie stood, even though you’re totally not.

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