A Brief History of the Pittsburgh Pirates!

“Yo-ho, yo-ho, a Pirates life for me!” -Pirate Parrot… or Jack Sparrow.

The Pittsburgh Pirates started off 1882 as simply ‘Allegheny’, named for the city they began in (later annexed by Pittsburgh. They actually garnered the name ‘Pirates’ from a questionable trade made in 1890 that reporters referred to as “piratical”, so they eventually took it upon themselves to repurpose the term.  By 1912, the Pirates had settled into their current name, 4 NL pennants, and their first World Series title., lead by Honus Wagner. You may recognize that name, because his face adorns the priciest and most coveted baseball card of all time, selling for as much as $2.1 million at auctions. The Pirates seemingly laid low until they won another World Series win in 1925, and then for the most part dropped from the playoff radar until 1960. The only notable event I found during this period was the changing of the team colors from blue and red to the current black and gold.

From 1960 on, the performance of the team is best explained as a ship of their namesake being tossed around a stormy sea, only rarely seeing calm waters and making progress. The Pirates won another two World Series titles in 1970 and 1979, then sagged for another decade before making a few playoff appearances in the early 90’s. Recently they’ve been making a comeback and snagging the wild card spot in the playoffs, and equally interesting, achieved both 10,000 wins and 10,000 loses over their existence. The Pirates are hopefully on another upswing this season *knock on shiplap*, and ,with luck, can ride this newly crested wave into the playoffs again. Go Bucs!

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