Atlanta Braves Style – Day 1!

Let’s have a little talk about the Beaneaters at the Bees…

I confess to a good deal of ignorance here: even after living in Boston for 5 years and knowing tourists referred to it as Beantown, I never had any idea what-in-the-good-gravy the nickname was referring to. Of course, after seeing that the Atlanta Braves were known as the Boston Beaneaters for over 20 years… I had to dig a little deeper. Well, apparently it’s as simple as the city being famous for it’s staple dish of Boston baked beans! I guess you could liken it to the Milwaukee Brewers garnering their name for their famous export, or calling a Green Bay Packers fan a “cheese head” for, well, Wisconsin’s other famous industry. Shortly after the turn of the century, the Beaneaters decided to mix things up and reinvent themselves – several times over, in fact. Owing to their new, all-white uniforms, the team took on the name the Doves for 4 seasons, before becoming the Rustlers in 1911, for just one season. After that, they settled into their current name, the Braves.

Until they changed their name to the Bees in 1936!

Yes, the Braves were once the Boston Bees for a good five seasons. Luckily they realized their error, and reverted back to being the Braves, which they’ve (amazingly) stuck to through today.

I decided to do today’s outfit as a bit of an homage to the Boston Doves uniforms, and hence chose a high-collar white trench dress, complete with a ruffle drop-hem. Something about collared dresses just screams southern style to me, but, of course, I wanted to modernize it with some current trends. Enter the red satin bomber jacket. With the slow decline of the anorak and moto jacket fads, the satin bomber jacket is a perfect match for any baseball outfit, as the style itself originates from team uniforms in decades past! Beyond a darling, but sensible pair of flats, and a Braves cap, I dove into the local artisan scene to load this look up with accessories. Decidedly, there’s quite the wide selection of amazing, handmade leather goods in Atlanta, and I selected a cute navy bag and coordinating key chain from two local makers. Of course, I finished it all off with a nod to the team name, including a feathered arrow ear cuff, and a hammered metal ring with the city of Atlanta, literally, written all over it. I can’t wait to see what else Georgia has in store!


trench dress

satin bomber jacket

Braves cap

arrow earring cuff by EnnACouture

ATL ring by Katherine Smith Jewelry

keychain by Tannery South

bag by Neva Opet


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