Atlanta Braves Style – Day 4!

It’s hammer time!

Sorry, I should clarify: we’re not delving into U Can’t Touch This or shiny parachute pants (at least not today…) No, this post is all about the greatest player in Braves history, Hall of Famer “Hammerin” Hank Aaron. If that name rings a bell, it’s because he’s responsible for breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time record of 714 home runs (as well as a separate RBI record) throughout the span of his career. I’ll also note that this home run record was ‘broken’ again in 2006 by Barry Bonds, who has yet to be voted into the Hall of Fame due to his alleged steroid usage, so take that as you will. Hammerin Hank was a 24-time All Star right fielder, and essentially became the face of the franchise, both while he was playing and to this day, as he’s the senior VP of the Braves. His offensive prowess was so renowned that MLB even created the Hank Aaron Award for the top hitters in each league, and Aaron himself received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002. Needless to say, these awards and countless other accolades only begin to scratch the surface of Hank Aaron’s legacy, but if you get a chance, scope out his Wikipedia page, or even pick up his autobiography, I Had a Hammer.

Now, getting down to style – today’s Atlanta Braves outfit is based off Hank Aaron’s last decade in the majors, the 1970’s. I started off with a piece that’s now coming back into style, after a late 90’s resurgence – the ringer tee. Paired up with a light jacket in the team’s navy blue for some structure, I kept this look on the tidier end of casual, also opting for a skinny pant and custom-made leather sneakers. Remember, casual doesn’t have to mean schlumpy with the right pieces. I found several more Atlanta-area leather workers and selected a few accessories that tie everything together as a cohesive, thought out look. Of course, the kilim belt is a great character piece (also from a local business) to set you apart, all while still matching your red Brave’s hat. Now get out there to your new ballpark and promise me you won’t do the tomahawk chant too much, m’kay?


Atlanta Braves ringer tee

Ted Baker jacket

pants by H&M

Atlanta Braves hat by ’47 Brand

belt by Res Ipsa

leather bracelet by Canoe Look

leather wallet by Go Forth Goods

custom leather sneakers by Threads and Beams


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