Baltimore Orioles Style- Day 1!

Baltimore has got it goin on…

…and I’m not just talking about the Orioles! In my few days of research into the local artisans, I’ve only come across a handful of designers. However, they’ve been very reflective of the city itself, ranging from high end jewelry to colorful graffiti-inspired prints! The Orioles play in downtown Baltimore, right by the harbor, and their stadium, Camden Yards, is snugly surrounded by brick buildings and other great accents of the city. Personally, ballparks like Camden are my favorites. Over time, the city just learns to grow around them, and during a good game, you can hear the cheers echoing down several city blocks, so, even if you’re not attending the game, you still feel like a part of the fandom.

I’m starting off my coverage of the Baltimore Orioles with something a bit more playful, even a bit more risqué, than I usually do. I was inspired by the skirt I found from local designer Jordan Matthews, and I figured a midriff-bearing, summertime date outfit would be fun. I balanced the full flounciness of the skirt with a skintight shirt, similar to how the skirt designer had it modeled, and tried to keep everything else simple, so as to highlight it as the main focus. You may notice I opted for the O insignia as opposed to the bird mascot, and that’s because the cursive font echoed the skirt print in a very subtle way.

The clutch was actually a great find from an Etsy store, and I confess, I’m totally jealous MLB doesn’t manufacture them! The classy tweed reminds me of the old grey wool jerseys, and it plays as a nice contrast to the more wild skirt design. Of course, I included a cute bird ring, reminiscent of one of the Oriole’s logos, and a great locally made necklace to bring the grey of the bag into the outfit. The look could be done with a more conservative top, as well, if you’re not into the bare belly look, so make it your own, and go hit up Camden Yards for me!



skirt by Jordan Matthews

Orioles cap

Orioles clutch by Can I Carry U

bird ring

necklace by Wired and Flossin


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