Blue Jays Outfit – Day 4

I’m wrapping up the men’s outfits this week with a more casual pairing…

Just like with a blazer, a good cardigan can take a tee up a notch, and make your outfit look just a little less casual. Also, another step to improving your tee look is adding in a pair of dark, slim or straight jeans, which always look a touch more formal than a lighter, worn pair would. To take the below pairing up one last notch, swap out the sneakers for a chukka style boot and add a belt, both in a darker brown leather. Bonus points if you zip/button up your cardigan/blazer to cover up the logo on your tee, as well. However, I’d save that for more dire situations, like a last minute dinner date post-game, and let your fandom fly!

I included a couple of Toronto-based companies again, Roots and Ransom, to show fans how you can shop local for some sweet fan gear. Oh, and one last thing: I intentionally hunted down a zippered sweater cardigan as an homage to Rogers Centre, as they’re synonymous with Mr. Rogers (and yes, I’m aware they’re not actually connected, haha.)



Blue Jays tee

Mr. Rogers (Centre) style cardigan


navy aviators

Blue Jays passport wallet, from Roots

red sneakers, from Ransom


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  1. I like this a lot. Your tips for dressing up and down for different occasions are really helpful. Plus, you can never go wrong with a cardigan. (Ok, there may be situations where you can go wrong with a cardigan, but I imagine they are few and far between.)

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