Boston Red Sox Style – Day 2!

Meet me down on Yawkey Way!

Fenway Park’s official address is 4 Yawkey Way, and it’s nestled *right* in the heart of the Back Bay Area of Boston. These kind of parks, where you can watch from a rooftop of an apartment complex across the street, are definitely my favorite. Places like Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) and Petco Park (San Diego Padres) are integrated so well into their cities, that a lot of development has been built around the parks as if they were keystones. As for Fenway, its neighbors are separated only by narrow city streets, which creates a great game day hubbub of sorts in just a tiny area – usually on Yawkey Way. This is also the area where I’ve known several fans to camp out overnight in the hopes of scoring tickets atop the Green Monster, as well as where they came to gather in a borderline riot when the Sox made it to the World Series in 2004. Something about a ballpark being tucked delicately into a city, just makes it extra special.

Today’s pairing is a men’s look for everyday wear, and easily dressed into business-casual by buttoning and tucking-in a the shirt. Rather than my usual choice of away-grey pants, I opted for a worn green pair to reflect the color of Fenway, and then added the actual team colors in the shirt. I sussed out some local leather goods to cement the look in the Boston area even further, but it would be perfect to wear regardless of what city you’re in – just prepare to layer once October hits 😉




Red Sox cap

sunglasses by AO Eyewear

wallet by Corter Leather


boots by Boston Boot Co

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