Chicago Cubs Style – Day 1

We’re starting off your week of Cubbie fandom with an outfit that can transition from work to a night out at Wrigley by just throwing on a jean jacket…

As I encountered with the Mets outfits, it’s incredibly difficult to find pinstripes that accurately reflect what the players wear, so I went a bit rogue, and did some bold stripes instead. At least they’re still vertical!

The sunglasses are an overlarge square design, which is my nod to the late Cubs announcer Harry Caray. Harry is remembered fondly for his unique voice and rousing singalongs at the 7th inning stretch of each home game. Definitely watch a video of him, or of Will Ferrell’s impression of him, whenever you get the time – utterly endearing. Another Cubbie connection in this outfit is the crawling ivy ring that wraps itself across 3 fingers – my way of incorporating the ivy of Wrigley Field tastefully. No woodland sprite ivy jewelry here!

I’ve also included pieces from local designer Maria Pinto, and custom bag company Laudi Vidni, who manufactures their products in Chicago. You may notice, as per most of the heeled shoes I pair with these outfits, that I chose a pair of low wedges. I love a stiletto for the office, but if you’re going to a ball game later, do NOT wear heels. Not only will you look out of place, there’s a good chance you’ll twist an ankle climbing stairs to your seat! If you need the height, go with a wedge, or, in a pinch, a thick, stacked heel. Most importantly – dress for (stylish) comfort and be realistic.



top by local designer Maria Pinto

striped skirt

square framed sunglasses

crawling ivy ring

custom clutch, made in Chicago, by Laudi Vidni

peep toe wedges in tango-red


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  1. For my money, I like the stripes as they are. I think they are reminiscent of pinstripes enough without being overt.

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