Chicago White Sox Style – Day 1!

As a kid who grew up borderline obsessed with baseball (and video games) in the 90’s, my knowledge of the White Sox was based around three huge names…

First, and most importantly, Frank Thomas: stellar first baseman, all-star several years over, and now renowned as the face of the team as a statue outside the ballpark. Second, Michael Jordan, whom we’ll delve into tomorrow. And lastly, my dear Bo Jackson. I fell for Bo’s famous ad campaign of “Bo Knows” and after discovering we shared a birthday while I memorized his stats. The relevance of his legacy is that he successfully played for both the MLB and NFL at the same time in his career, before being permanently sidelined from football by a ruinous hip injury. Bo was only on the Sox for two seasons, but his charisma and talent always bring him to mind when I think of the team. That, and it was easy to remember who he played for in the NFL, as both the Raiders and the White Sox had matching color schemes. You can scope out the great Bo in something akin to his old football uniform in this Kia commercial from earlier this year, rife with Tecmo Bowl awesomeness that made me squeal with glee:

Now, today’s fan outfit is my idea of a casual look that will take any Sox girl from the office to the stadium in effortless grace. As it’s still early in the season, I included a simple trench coat with anorak style sleeves to accommodate the Chicago springtime weather, but beneath it lies a blouse boasting the iconic stripes of the team. I’m wildly partial to having a pear of away grey pants in my wardrobe, but this goes doubly so for a team who uses it in their color scheme at home as well. Also, I’m loving the trend of dressy loafers after years of stilettos being the office standard, so I hunted down a fabulous pair that are suited to any occasion and really polish the whole look. As for accessories, I spent time researching loads of Chicago designers, and, with today’s selections, I opted for a geometric theme, to pop against the simple colors (and can we just take a moment to appreciate how much that awesome ring reminds me of a TIE fighter from Star Wars?) Of course the final touch to this White Sox outfit is a team cap, which instantly makes this a game-ready, but also chic and locally-shopped, ensemble. Rock it out, Sox fans!


striped top

trench coat

grey pants

White Sox cap

clutch purse

necklace by Broken Rainbow Bling

earrings by Handmade by Michelle

ring by Lindsay Lewis

heeled loafers

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