Chicago White Sox Style – Day 2!

When you wanna be like Mike… maybe stick to the courts?

Naturally when you think Chicago sports, the first name that comes to mind is Michael Jordan. His ridiculous talent while tenured on the Bulls won him several championship titles and recognition as probably the most famous athlete of the 1990’s. But what about his batting average? MJ tried his hand at professional baseball while on hiatus from basketball, fulfilling a the wishes of his father after an untimely demise. Sadly, Mike never quite found the kind of success on the field that he had in basketball, and didn’t excel beyond AA in the organization. However, Jordan’s time with the White Sox organization drew so much media attention that it was even incorporated into his personality in a movie. That’s right, I called out Space Jam – love it or leave it.

Regardless of the sport, Michael Jordan is irrevocably woven into the fabric of Chicago sports, so naturally, I had to include part of him in at least one White Sox outfit. I actually began this outfit as an homage to the old uniforms from the first half of the 20th Century, but it evolved as I assembled it. An old-timey sweater and cap with a similarly older logo are modernized with the addition of some locally-made accessories, including a pair of Jordans to balance out the overly preppy edge of the collared shirt. In short, this outfit spans the gap of generational clothing trends just like the great MJ spanned the gap between sport leagues. Tongues out, fun’s out!

sweater/shirt combo


White Sox cap

sunglasses by State Optical Co.

Chicago skyline socks

wallet by CHC

Jordans from Made Gallery Chicago

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