Chicago White Sox Style – Day 4!

The White Sox weren’t always the zebras of the MLB…

In fact, you can see here that the team colors started mixing in shades of red and blue as early as 1917. The monochromatic look the Sox sport now actually didn’t reemerge until the 1990’s, and there was a host of changes to the uniforms in the long interim – the full history of which you can see here.  Admittedly, I have a soft spot for the bold change the team made in 1982, adding in color-blocking and reintroducing red as an accent color. This is not entirely unlike to the tequila-sunrise uniforms of the Houston Astros in terms of lively color choices, and it seems both organizations made design choices relevant to the trends of the era. Of course, like so many flashy trends, eventually the color-blocking faded out of style, and the White Sox moved to their current, and much more subdued, palette.

However, as we’ve been playing safely within the confines of the black/white/silver colors most of the week, it’s time to throwback to the older Sox designs! Sweatshirts are back in a big way in 2017, but the key to keeping the look sharp is proper accessorizing. The hoodie in today’s outfit is sporting a logo from the late 70’s White Sox, and I’ve used my favorite styling piece, the blazer, to modernize and dress up the look, but still keeping it casual with the addition of ripped jeans. Now the hat I’ve included is from an entirely different era in Chicago sports, based on this timeline, is probably from the 50’s or 60’s, when the team logos heavily featured actual white socks (how novel!) To keep this ensemble current, I tracked down a few more Chicago-based artisans and included meticulously perfected leather goods, and possibly the nicest comb I’ve ever come (comb?) across! Naturally a great pair of kicks sporting the accent red in the hoodie complete this look, in the shoe that’s had a huge resurgence this year. With this great mixing of eras both in White Sox logos and men’s fashion, you’ll always be styled for the win, regardless of the decade.


White Sox hoodie



White Sox cap

key chain by P.W. Larue 

wallet by P.W. Larue

comb by Chicago Comb


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