Cleveland Indians World Series Style – Part 2!

Maybe ease up a little there, eh tribe?

The Indians trounced the Cubbies in game 1 of the World Series, shutting them out in a 6-0 win. Now, far be it from me to tell them to lose a game intentionally, but, come one, Cleveland – it’s the Cubs! Maybe just let them win a game for karma’s sake? I feel like they’ve earned at least that. Personally, I’m hoping for a rebound from Chicago, because I want a nice drawn out series ending wild game 7. No real fan of the game wants a World Series sweep (unless of course their team is involved!)

Today’s Indians look is a casual one for the guys, fully equipped for the impending chill creeping into the Midwest this time of year. I found a Cleveland-based company that makes great tee with the curious combo of the Indians and yoga… but it works! Of course I avoided anything with the mascot, but the rendering of the Native American on the tee seems far more realistic, and not an offensive parody. The handmade wallet is likewise from a Cleveland maker, and plays to the slightly rugged edge of this look, which I then turned on its head with a striped scarf and nautical themed watch in the team colors 😀 What can I say – there weren’t a lot of local options remaining that I hadn’t already used in past pairings. 

Good luck in game 2, Indians, and play nice!


Om Run tee by Universal Architecht



Cleveland hat

wallet by Cleveland Sewing Co





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