Colorado Rockies Style – Day 3!

Well ring-a-ding-Dinger!

I confess, usually¬†when somebody of my generation hears the words “purple dinosaur”, the reactions tend to be less than pleasant. However, if you live in Colorado, it means something entirely different. The Rockies had a pretty genius idea for creating their mascot, which was spurred by a discovery while their stadium was bring built. Apparently, while the site for Coors Field was being excavated, the crew happened upon¬†an actual dinosaur bone. The Rockies front office creatively spun this idea into a backstory for a mascot, and claimed that a dinosaur egg was found as well. They even went so far as to have a hatching of the ‘egg’ at Coors Field, where the organization revealed the magnificent purple triceratops, Dinger (footage of hijinx below.)

While I certainly didn’t expect to find any stylish accessories sporting a purple triceratops – Kate Spade was out to prove me wrong. Dinosaurs are, apparently, very en vogue at the moment, much to my nerdy pleasure, and she just happened to have a purse and jewelry that look wonderfully appropriate for Rockies fans. I chose to pair the ring from her line into today’s outfit, and, while I generally don’t delve heavily into pinstripes for any team, found a pair of pants with purple pinstripes. Too perfect to be ignored. I stick with silver jewelry and shades, as it is a listed team color, and even found a great locally made, laser-cut clutch that brings a little more edge to the purple-heavy look. I’ll admit I expected Rockies-purple to be difficult to work with, but I just may have lucked out this time around!

Rockies tank top


Rockies hat

amethyst necklace by Fancy Boheme

clutch by StitchShutter


dino ring



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