Houston Astros Style – Day 3!

Is that necklace an homage to the Astros 70’s uniforms?

Yes indeedily-do, I hunted down a subtle, tasteful way to show some love to one of the loudest uniforms in MLB history (and, honestly, one of my favorites, as well.) It’s tough to wear that jersey and not look like Mork and a Hot Dog on a Stick employee had a baby. That being said, if you did want to turn up the volume on your retro fandom, you could also layer this scarf over a navy t-shirt, and I know I’d go out of my way to high-five you. I based this look around an awesome Space City tank I found over at Running Game Clothing Co., which sports several pages of great Houston-centric designs that I love! I chose the spaceman tank also as a subtle nod to the old tradition of  men in space suits vacuuming the field at the Astrodome in between innings. Yes, that absolutely happened.

The other jewelry pieces are from Houston-based stores Hello-Lucky (also featured in day 1), and Space Montrose. The orange ring is of course for Astros colors, and I feel like if you put a bracelet on one hand and the ring on the other, it won’t overpower the look. You don’t want to go to a ballgame done up like an Atlantic City grandma 😉 I know distressed white jeans have been a staple item the past year or so, and, paired with a nice neutral cardigan and flats, should be able to get you through the day comfortably, and stylishly. Top it all off with an Astros hat, and you’re set to go conquer H-Town. Just maybe leave that scarf I mentioned in your purse when you’re heading out for drinks, ok?

WomensAstrosOutfit02 Space City tank by Running Game Clothing Co


white jeans

Astros Hat


ring from Hello-Lucky

bracelets from Space Montrose




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