Keeping Cool with Detroit Style!

Knock it out of the park with a glam take on Detroit style for Tigers fans!

When I say “knock it out out of the park,” I mean crush it. Like, Cecil Fielder-style. If you’re a newer fan, but that last name rings a bell, it’s because Cecil’s son, Prince is currently a major leaguer as well! The Fielder family is easily recognizable because of their statures better resemble those of football players than baseball, and, wow, do they ever use their size to their advantage. Growing up, Cecil Fielder stands out in my mind as the most prominent figure on the Tigers just because of of the ridiculous power he had behind his swings – whether or not he was the most famous at the time, I really can’t say, but he definitely stood out. Cecil Fielder was also doubly a Tiger, as he first played in Japan for the Hanshin Tigers before his seven season tenure with the Detroit club. Even his son Cecil spent two years on the Detroit Tigers, which, I can only imagine, the fans must have absolutely loved to see. Two generations of dominant power hitters to play on any team, regardless of the gap, is a rare and wonderful thing.

Today’s Tigers outfit is a glam interpretation of the team uniforms from the 70’s, and brings several fun nods to the Detroit style. I started off with a DvF skirt with a fantastic design that immediately reminded me of the v-neck style jerseys in the Kirk Gibson era, like this batting practice jersey, and mixed in a fun blouse from Anthro to beat the summer heat. To make this look easily transition from work to the game, I stuck with block heeled sandals that coordinate with a super cute wrist let by a local artist. The D necklace also matches the Tigers hat, and, like the orange studs, is likewise made by Detroit locals! Rather than whipping in an offensive amount of stripes, I instead chose a classier option with a tiger bracelet, for just a touch of ‘rawr’. You can still rep your team with class, and while supporting local businesses – that’s what makes this look styled for the win!



Verena Blouse from Anthropologie

Diane Von Furstenberg skirt from StyleBop

’47 Brand Detroit Tigers hat from MLB

Detroit necklace by Pure Detroit

Citrius studs by Purple Love

Wristlet by Scarlet Crane

Roberto Cavalli tiger bracelet from StyleBop

Brielle Studded Sandal from Nordstrom

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