LA Angels of Anaheim Style – Day 4!

No, that’s not an angry Thor you’re hearing,,,

That’s the sound of thundersticks! While reading up on the Angels this week, I learned that they’re the first MLB team to use them in their stadium. Thundersticks, if you’re unfamiliar, are those inflatable cylindrical things that fans smack together frantically for a whacking big (dare I say thunderous?) amount of noise. They can get a little annoying, but on the plus side, they’re compact, and FAR more tolerable than a vuvuzela – I’m looking at you, footie fans from a decade ago.

To finish up my week of Angels style, I put together a casual men’s look that has hints of the skater style So Cal is so famous for. During my hunt for local brands, I discovered that VANS was actually started in Anaheim, so I felt a pair of their comfy leather flip flops would make a great fit here. I stuck with a navy shirt, as I featured the red so prominently on the first men’s outfit, and just did punches of red, with the jacket and watch. If you scope out the full sized image, you can see the detail work on the leather wallet includes red stitching, just like a baseball, so I absolutely had to include such a great locally-made piece.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Angels pairings – stay tuned for a week of the SF Giants! (Or don’t if you guys dislike them as much as Dodger fans – I won’t judge!)

MensAngelsOutfit02 Angels tee

jeans by DSTLD

Angels cap

navy belt by Sandast


wallet by TAGSMITH

sandals by Vans

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