LA Dodgers Style – Day 4!

In Southern California, every day is casual Friday!

Truly, though, when I moved to California from the east coast, the shift in appearances (as well as schedules and attitudes) was relatively jarring. I’ve never worked in an office out here where the dress code was more severe than ‘no flip flops’. While I do sometimes miss having a reason to dress a bit more proper, or put on a winter coat, it is a bit of a luxury to roll out of bed and throw on a wrinkly, oversized shirt with some skinny pants, slip on my Toms, and roll out to work with enormous sunglasses on. As the last men’s outfit I paired this week was a bit more Silverlake/Echo Park (think inland, hipsters), today’s is more a reflection of the Westside of LA, with touches of the Dogtown era, and pieces from nearby shops.

Starting with a basic Dodgers tee, I added on a hoodie by a local surf-style company that had accent stripes of the team colors. After that, of course, I mixed in some away-grey shorts from AG Jeans, an LA-based company, and another pair of Toms sandals. What’s better than shopping local? Having your purchase mirrored with a charitable donation to somebody in need! For anyone heading from the beach to the game, I threw in a leather backpack, small enough for the stadium, but still a good size to pack your day into. As Los Angeles has it’s first train to/from the beach since the 50’s opening *this month*, it would be a great idea to have a stylish day bag like this one. Of course, with the glaring sun of the South Bay, you’ll also be needing the ball cap and sunglasses, as well.

Welcome to paradise – pack your sunscreen and cracker jacks!

DodgersMensOutfit02 Dodgers t-shirt

hoodie from Aviator Nation

shorts from AG Jeans

LA cap

sunglasses from Freeway Eyewear

leather backpack from This Is Ground

leather flip flops from Toms



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