Miami Marlins Style – Day 1!

Time to heat things up down Little Havana way…

Keeping today’s post short, sweet, and sassy! This pairing for the Marlins is inspired by the Cuban influence that helps to make Miami such a lush, colorful city. The color combo is my loose interpretation of the red-orange top and white bottoms the Fish often wear, but I felt a bare, sunkissed shoulder paired with movement from ruffles and fringe really elevate the look, and make it far more fun! 

Rather than wildly smear color around the rest of the outfit, like the center field statue *ahem*, I took the time to find locally made accessories to bring in a hint of each as an accent. I love the yellow tassle, as it can be thrown onto any bag or key ring for an instant accent of color, and the coral design necklace was my way of working in a dash of the aquatic. 




bracelet by F.E. Beads

necklace by Algae Miami

tassle by Love Cortnie


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