New York Mets – Heatin Up!

With the temperature rising almost as quickly as the Mets on-base percentage, it’s often a default to reach for an old pair of shorts and a ratty t-shirt to head to the ballgame. Now, I say show your team pride however you see fit, but wouldn’t you like to see another option? Maybe an outfit you can wear to the stadium, survive the afternoon sun beating down on you, and still dash out with a date after the win?

In the past, I’ve done some fan pairings with lightweight button-down shirts, and those are always a great option for hot weather. The good ones are lighter than most t-shirts, and rolled up sleeves seem to look great on everyone. The men’s option I paired up below is one with a sweater, which seems counter-intuitive, but H&M makes some of the thinnest cotton sweaters I’ve ever encountered. Like, they’re liable to dissolve if you wash them too many times. On the plus side, though, these sweaters are almost equally as cool and breathable as a thin button-down, while providing the comfort of some stretch!

The women’s option is another take on the Mets royal blue pinstripes, but with a variance in width, done in a lightweight romper. Rompers, with the right accessories, make for a simple transition for most occasions, so long as the shorts aren’t *too* short. Dress a romper up with a blazer, then swap in a leather belt, a clutch, and some nicer jewelry for a non-ballpark event. You could also add some wedges or heels, but, personally, I find the shorter the short, the shorter the heel you should pair with it. Of course I mixed in a Mets orange sandal and a ring of the New York skyline as well, but I tried to keep the look simple, as the stripes are very visually demanding.

I’ll send you east-coasters some summer as soon as I figure out how, but, until then, enjoy the clothes!


lightweight sweater in grey

blue shorts

Mets hat

blue sunglasses


boat shoes




MetsWomensOutfit4 ‘pinstriped’ romper

Mets hat

leather jacket

orange sandals

NY skyline ring


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  1. Thanks for the tip on the lightweight sweaters. Been looking for something that matches that description exactly. [excuses self from discussion to hear over to H&M site]

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