New York Yankees Style – Day 2!

From the boardroom to the ball game, or at least the millennial version of that…

As I mentioned in the history post from earlier this week, the Yankees are known for having the highest payroll in baseball, and I’ve always regarded them as a business first, and a team second. Under the iron fist of the late George Steinbrenner, the Yanks were made to conform to a policy of no facial hair beyond mustaches, and no long, unruly hairstyles. Beyond that, the players also seemed to adhere to strict policies and codes of conduct off the field, contributing to their corporate-esque reputations. However, I feel like the uptight image presented by the team needs a little jostling, and that’s how today’s outfit was born.

I considered doing a full business suit outfit, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do prolong the Yankee-business stereotype. I decided to go the route of a younger, more relaxed, but still work-appropriate, look, with a slightly rumpled pinstripe shirt. The blazer was a lucky find, as the color echoes the old wool jerseys, and the navy blue piping along the pockets is a nod to the current uniforms. I also was fortunate enough to find a slew of great items from NY designers to modernize the rest of this outfit, from the skinny pants, to the navy aviators, and even the watch to add the little touch of red in the Yankee logo. The wallet and shoes are also chosen to be a nod to baseball glove leather coloring. I feel like the entire ensemble provides a seamless transition from the game to a late dinner – just have your date hold your hat for you 😉


pinstripe shirt

blazer with navy piping

navy pants by 3×1

Yankees hat

aviators by Moscot

watch by Throne Watches

wallet by Commoner Co

shoes by Freemans Sporting Club

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  1. I can 100% see young fans arriving at Yankee Stadium dressed exactly this way, sitting in the nicer seats, eating hot dogs while conducting an informal business meeting. You’ve definitely captured the image of young professional fans.

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