Pittsburgh Pirates Style – Day 2!

“You know what they say about Chicago: If you don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes.” -Ralph Kiner

I realize it seems a bit odd to start a Pittsburgh Pirates post with a quote about Chicago, but it’s my explanation for the dearth of content the past 5 days – I was in the Windy City! It was my very first time there, and I of course went to Wrigley Field, bedecked in a blue and white striped dress with a red sweater, but the rest of my wonderful weekend had me too busy for a proper site update. So it seems, our Pirates week extends through this one!

Today’s outfit, partially constructed while 35,000 feet above the ground, is my version of one of the current Pirate’s uniforms. I finally decided to tiptoe into the realm of white mens jeans, so bear with the slightly nautical vibe on this pairing. I layered a yellow tank under the open black henley shirt for that pop of yellow on the logo patch the uniforms have. I managed to find a black wallet with the yellow striping indicative to the team’s style, and paired it with a great locally made black leather keychain. The shoes? Oh the shoes. I decided to go a little wild and include MLB licensed loafers. They’re *just* stylish enough to not be over the top, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a plain pair of black boots like the pants model is sporting either, so I leave you with footwear options, and a rousing LET’S GO METS, as we’re playing the Pirates tonight 😉


black henley

yellow tank

white jeans

Pirates hat

stripped wallet

keychain by Homestead Supply Co.

Pirates shoes

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  1. Nice outfit and needs basic enough pieces that it can be adapted to any team. I like the white pants, but I do see that they should be worn with caution so as not to go full nautical… unless that’s what you’re going for. I just realized as I said that, too, that nautical works nicely for a team named the Pirates. Fascinating.

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