San Diego Padres Style – Day 1!

In honor of the chicken…

That’s right, you heard me – long live the San Diego Chicken!

I assure you, I haven’t lost my mind, there’s a very amusing  story behind all this, and, of course, the fine chaps over at The Eephus Podcast tell it far better than I, but I’ll abbreviate. Back in the 70’s, a San Diego radio station paid some guy to dress up in a chicken suit and hand out Easter eggs to kids at the zoo. The chicken’s popularity rocketed to the point where he made appearances at Padres games, getting up to on-field shenanigans (such as holding up an eye chart to an ump) between innings. Apparently you can look him up on YouTube and see his performance on a kid’s tv show about baseball, where the chicken acted as a comic foil to Jonny Bench. This, for lack of better words, is pretty epic to me.

So to pay our respects to the chicken, as well as the earlier era of San Diego baseball, I put together an outfit based on their old colors, which you can see in the caps and tees made for this year’s All-Star Game (played in SD.) I had several versions of this, including a very 60’s shirt dress, and a floaty, hippy yellow romper with suede vest, but ultimately chose the lace yellow dress below. When I’m being unreasonably fickle settling on a look, I almost always ask myself “If they were my team, and I wanted to look good, which option would I choose?” As this is San Diego, and I loves me some lace and plunging v-neck dresses, the choice was pretty clear – beachy, but dressy, with a nod to the year the Pads began, 1969. I would still be pretty comfortable wearing this to a game to rep my team… but might include a scarf for some modesty. After all, as the chicken taught us, the show is on the field! 😉

WomensPadresOutfit01 dress

Padres hat


bracelets by Ron Boyd

bag by Cocco Jewelry


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