Scoring in Tweed!

I confess, when I hear ‘destroyed tweed’ or ‘chanel-style jackets’, my immediate reaction would be along the lines of “Okay, cool, but for somebody else.”

The recent ressurection of tweed at several Fall 2018 shows in Paris, including Chanel, naturally, didn’t really pique my interest too terribly. As lovely as the fabulously textured fabric can look, I generally associate it with a more buttoned-up, East Coast style. Or maybe something more severe and matronly, a la Lucille Bluth – something for an older woman who is a force to be reckoned with. Seeing as I’m a 30-something artist who lives in Southern California, and could readily roll into the office wearing my gym clothes, I didn’t really think this look would apply to me.
That is, until I stumbled across this jacket at H&M:

I’m already attracted to my Mets team colors whenever I shop, and saw this blazer peeking out of a rack of orange shirts at the rear corner of the store. I immediately snagged it and turned it over in my hands to catch every angle of light possible. You have no IDEA how hard it is to find a piece of clothing with orange and blue in the right shades. It’s definitely a rare occurrence, and often the other options I spot are garish, at best. However, this piece weaves in ribbons in shades of sapphire, deep orange, pink, and even threads of sparkly gold in a wonderfully girlish funfetti of my team colors.

In terms of styling these stereotypically more grandma-esque jackets, I find it best to juxtapose them with something on the other end of the spectrum, like distressed jeans and a t-shirt. If you can find a team t-shirt that doesn’t clash, all the better, but I feel like a vintagey, concert-style tee will do. I’ve also seen some people layer on an absurd amount of necklaces on as well, something inspired by Karl Lagerfeld himself, but I think that looks far too contrived, like cosplaying a Chanel show. That being said – you gotta do what works for you.

The fabulous part of this tweed jacket trend resurgence is the spectrum of colors available across a wide array of price points! If I could find a Mets jacket, you can bet your sweet fandom that you can find something to pair with your team tee as well. I’ve hunted down several options that you can see below, but let me know what you find – I would love to see your looks!
Aaand one for Yankee fans!



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