Seattle Mariners Style – Day 1!

Everyone wishes for silver and gold…

When the Mariners went through a rebranding period just before the 1993 season, they changed their colors from royal blue and golden yellow, to navy, ‘Northwest Green’ (basically teal or jade), metallic silver, and white. I’m not entirely sure if the Seattle organization decided to chase fads and dip their toes into the teal pool, like the Florida Marlins or the Charlotte Hornets, or if the color was genuinely chosen to reflect their surroundings. Regardless, when I was starting to collect baseball cards around that time, I began to associate the entirety of the Pacific Northwest with those marine-based colors, so, well done there, Mariners!

I had intended to use strictly silver accessories for the Mariners pairings, as it’s one of their official colors, but this Northwest Green of theirs paired with navy just *begs* for a touch of gold. Fortunately, I found the perfect mix in several Seattle-made accessories – golden pieces with druzy pyrite (spikey grey geode) adorning them! I also used grey in a locally made bag, as in many of the Mariners’ fan apparel, the silver is interpreted thusly. The urge to layer this look with a button-down and vest or parka was strong, but I know the weather up in Washington is currently still somewhat mild, so I resisted. Instead I ended up with this lighter outfit: a short sweater layered over a flowy jumpsuit. This really is the perfect office-to-game-to-drinks look, complete with shiny flats, so you don’t slip in the infamous Seattle rain. I actually love this look so much, I have a good mind to buy it for myself – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!




Mariners cap


earrings by KnuckleKiss

bracelet by Leia Beila

bag by Madi May Design



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