Seattle Mariners Style – Day 2!

You can find me in the King’s Court…

One of the fun tidbits I learned about Seattle fans during my research into the team, is the special section of the stadium known as the King’s Court. On days that Felix Hernandez pitches a Mariners home game, there’s a section of the park that dons matching tees, holds up matching K signs for strikes, and even has coordinated cheers! Sounds like a certain Mets fan group that has run away with my heart. The King’s Court was born as a celebration of ‘King’ Felix Hernandez, a Seattle favorite who has spent his entire career with the team. The Court draws all sorts of fans, including those bedecked in costumes more appropriate for a renaissance faire, which is fitting, as the section gets to eat roasted turkey legs as well. Honestly, it sounds like a fantastic group of people that I’d love to cheer along with – the type of fans that create fun, lasting traditions for a team, even while they’re struggling. These are the fans that radiate the joy of baseball!

Today’s Mariner’s fan outfit leans a bit towards the dapper side of the spectrum, because, hey, you want to look good for the King, right? I decided to work with the more turquoise version of the team color, and based the palette off the hat I found. I went a bit dark, and paired a black sweater with navy pants, but balanced it out with a light shirt and pop of turquoise in the bow tie. I’m thrilled that all the accessories in this look, from the wooden watch to the sunglasses etched with the Seattle skyline, are also locally-made (except the hat, of course.) Seattle has quite a lush market of talent that made this pairing even more difficult, as I had SO many options to choose from! I’m quite pleased with how this look worked out, and even more excited for the rest of the week’s outfits.


shirt, cardigan

bow tie by Radley Raven


Mariners cap

wallet by Derivative Supply Co.

sunglasses by Townie Shades

watch by SEA 206

boots by Filson


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