St. Louis Cardinals Style – Day 1!

What d’you mean “it’s in Illinois, too”?! -my ignorant disbelief that St. Louis straddles two states.

I think the above may clue you in to the fact that I’m very much a coastal gal, and, even though I know all the states and their capitols, my midwest geographical skills are somewhat lacking. I did just learn that St. Louis is divided by the Mississippi River, so the major part of the city is on western¬†side, in Missouri, while the other is on the eastern bank, in Illinois. *cue The More You Know music* I also learned that the indomitable Harry Caray acted as the Cardinals announcer for 25(!) years, long before he made it to the Wrigley announcer booth for the Cubbies. It does explain his suposed affinity for Budweiser, though, as Anheuser-Busch is not only based in St. Louis, but also bought the Cardinals in 1953.

Wonderfully colorful announcers aside, I spent hours hunting for St. Louis-area companies to feature in this week’s outfits, but have come up woefully short, so I stuck to major retailers this week. Today’s pairing features a flowy white shirtdress, with a red belt, a vintage style St. Louis hat, and a cardinal necklace. Since the current incarnation of the Cardinal’s uniforms is mostly white, with red accents, I kept it simple. The collar on of the shirtdress reminded me of an old-timey baseball jersey, and so I tried to match the era of the hat’s style as well. The earrings are from a local designer, and reminded me of little gold bases adorning your ears. I also love that this dress is perfect for virtually any occasion, and would look just as lovely at work with a cardigan as it would a Cards game with a denim jacket and ball cap. As always – exercise extreme caution if you intend to wear heels like the ones below to a stadium.

WomensCardinalsOutfit01 dress

St. Louis hat

earrings by Jenny Walker Jewelry

cardinal necklace


stacked red heels


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  1. As always, you’ve got an incredible eye. That collar does look ridiculously like old style uniforms. It’s those little things you see that really help the stuff you put together hint at the game, the team, and their respective histories in very tasteful and versatile ways.

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