Tampa Bay Rays Style – Day 3!

Where does today meet yesterday?

Well, if you’re referencing a riddle from an old Sesame Street movie, the correct answer is: in a museum. However, for my purposes, I’m going to say: fashion and baseball! Though a relatively new team, the Rays have taken to having a throwback jersey night where they don uniforms based on what their team may have looked like in other decades. As a lover of baseball uniform history, I think this is a fantastic idea, and a great way to give a young team a bit more of a backstory, even if it’s made up.

Today’s Ray’s pairing is no exception. I’ve been struggling to find fan apparel that I can work into a trendier outfit, and generally try to stay away from recreating the same type of look for each team. So, I went a good deal out of my comfort zone in an effort to put forth my best take on what I found for Rays apparel. I chose a cropped slub-knit tee and paired it with some high-waisted navy ankle pants. Now, I decided to do a slight tuck in the front, and let the flowy sides of the tee drape down the hip area, creating a framed look of sorts, but you could just as easily leave the top untucked and just let the tight waist of the pants define your narrowest point.

Rather than go for a typical beachy style with the rest of the outfit, I chose to mix some retro pieces with some more in-the-moment pieces, for a complete look something like you might see in LA or Brooklyn. Not quite Man Repeller level, but something veering more in that direction. The ring I found from a local designer has hints of both the Ray’s navy and sky blue woven through it, and I love that it pops against the dark pants, and brings out the sky blue thread accenting the tote (also from a local!) As mules are still on trend right now, I opted for a gold pair of mule sandals to dress up the outfit a bit, and topped everything off with a sunshine colored hat, mixing in the last of the Tampa Bay colors. Though I generally am a bit more conservative in terms of following trends, I wouldn’t feel at all out of place wearing this in a more fashion-forward area, and I challenge you all as fans to think outside your comfort zone as well. You may be surprised with how you can style your fandom!


WomensRaysOutfit02 Rays cropped tee

navy pants


ring by Cadyn & Charlie

 tote by Hartley

necklace by Stoned and Charming

gold mule sandals


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