Texas Rangers Style – Day 1!

No stars and horses here, my friends…

At least not today. I realize that Texas is the lonestar state, and past incarnations of the Rangers logo have incorporated a star of some sort, but I held off as I felt that was more associated with the Astros. Also, I learned the Rangers mascot is some sort of horse, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go equestrian on this outfit, so I stuck with the basics, working in several Dallas-based designers.

You’ll notice I kept this outfit very light and simple, and that’s based on the absurd Texas heat that turns the stadium into a makeshift frying pan. Nobody wants to suffer through that with a heavy wool blazer, I imagine. The Rangers have quite a few uniform variations, and this pairing is based loosely off their red tops and white pants. I mixed in a punch of blue with a lovely lapis necklace on top of the shirt/short combo – all hand picked from local designers! I got lucky hunting down a nice pair of shoes for this outfit, as well. Those Tory Burch sandals happen to have a giant T across them that’s strikingly similar to the T on the Rangers hat. Stay cool out there, Ranger fans – there’s more to come later this week!

RangersWomensOutfit01 Texas Rangers hat

shirt from Double R

necklace from Nest Jewelry

shorts from Koch

ring from F is for Frank

Rangers wallet

T sandals


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