Texas Rangers Style – Day 3!

What-the-what is ‘claw and antlers’?!

While reading up on the Rangers, I stumbled upon one of their fun and quirky practices from around 2010. Apparently when a Ranger did something powerful, like crank out a homerun, his teammates would support him by making their hands into a claw. Bears are powerful, ok, got it. Alternately, if a Ranger did something on the field that was impressively speedy, his teammates would reward him by making their hands into antler-esque shapes atop their heads. Honestly, that makes me think of a moose, not a gazelle, or anything inherently quick, but I still really dig that they have (or ‘had’) their own unique way of congratulating one another.

Today’s Rangers outfit skews a little more modern, as I incorporated a crop top from the Victoria’s Secret MLB line. I’m not always thrilled with what they’ve produced (fully sequined tank tops – zoiks!) but at the very least, I’m grateful that they take the initiative to make things different than the usual MLB women’s attire. Personally, I’m still a bit wary of going bare midriff, so I used a high-waisted skirt in my favorite away-grey that will eliminate the gap in apparel, if you’re like myself 😉 I also hunted down another great pair of Tory Burch sandals in Ranger red, that look very much like they’re adorned with the Texas T.

If you’re curious about the star necklace, I mixed that in as a reference to the origin of the Rangers’ name – the original law enforcement in the state of Texas. You’ll also see the star in some of their logos over their history, so I felt it was appropriate. The ring and bag are from local vendors, but the bag is something I’m especially interested in. This company provides employment and assistance to refugee women in the Dallas area, where they make the bags by hand. What an incredible way to support a local business, that’s in turn providing jobs and care for these women. Also, the bag is super cute and tasseled in Texas Ranger blue – what more could you ask for?!


Rangers crop top


Rangers hat

ring by Julie Cohn

Texas ranger star necklace

bag by GAIA


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