The Cincinnati Redlegs…?

Fear not, red pants are *not* required for Cincinnati Redlegs fandom.

As with so many other teams, the Reds organization has had to evolve over the years, updating everything from uniforms to even their team name. However, the reasons for most other name changes wasn’t quite so… political. You see, back in the 1950’s, the fear of communism was spiked thanks to McCarthyism, and suddenly the Red Scare dominated the mindset of the entire United States. The paranoia was so intense, that even a team that was already known as The Reds for 60+ years felt obligated to shed any potential association with communism, and so they became the Cincinnati Redlegs. It’s laughable nowadays when we look back on it, but with people implicating their own friends and neighbors over the slightest discrepancy at the beginning of the Cold War, it seemed like a reasonable PR move at the time. Luckily the name-shift only lasted several years before the organization came to their senses and reverted back to their original name.

While I did consider creating a comical red pants outfit for today, I instead opted for a summery look that’s a throwback to the times when the Reds included navy in their uniforms, instead of the black that they use now. Plaid shorts were more a trend of 5+ years ago, but they seem to be making a subtle return in madras styles, if my beloved J. Crew is to be believed, so I took a leap of faith and based the look around those. Often, my styling rule of thumb is one short, one long, which is to say: if you’re wearing short sleeves, go with a longer bottom, and if you’re rocking some shorts, wear a longer sleeve. There are plenty of exceptions, of course, but it really does make a look pulled together just to have a rolled sleeve with a pair of shorts, instead of the often too-beachy and undone look of a tee and shorts. Another helpful tip when styling with shorts is to keep your footwear looking more put together, and hence I chose a nice Toms sneaker that plays off the grey of the sweater. Now, although it’s been a struggle to find local goods made in the Cincinnati area, I did manage to find some incredible, high-end accessories, including a contrast stitch wallet and steel watch. On. Point! So shop local, stay cool, and let’s get those Red(leg)s going this summer!

Merino crew neck by Michael Kors

9″ navy madras short by J. Crew

Reds cap by American Needle from MLB Shop

Slim cardcase wallet by TeufelMacht

Reds keyring by WinCraft from MLB Shop

All Star Steel watch by Dakota

Paseo sneakers by Toms


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