Washington Nationals Style – Day 1!

Taking Teddy to the postseason for a win!

Ok, clearly that needs some explanation, so let me delve into my favorite part of the Washington Nationals. Although the Nats have a bald eagle, Screech, as a mascot, they also have a presidential race every 4th inning of their home games. And by ‘presidential race’, I don’t mean a farcical voting situation, but rather 4 people dressed as famous past presidents with comically large heads. The running joke for several years was that poor Teddy Roosevelt could never beat out Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson. In fact, Teddy even took to Benny Hill-esque shenanigans to try and beat the other presidents, ranging from golf carts to zip lines. Teddy was finally allowed a win in conjunction with┬áthe first time the Nationals made it into the postseason (2012), so I can only assume they are interlinked. Although it goes against everything I stand for as Mets fan, there may be a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty part of me that wants the Nats to hit the postseason, if not just for our dear Teddy Roosevelt.

Although it’s a small city, I managed to find several local designers to feature in today’s outfit, which I based off the National’s less common, navy jersey uniform. The pants are a take on their typical white ones with the red piping down the side, but clearly much easier to pull off than a pair of baseball pants. Of course I whipped in a ring with stars for the stars and stripes, as I felt that was a bit more fun than bald eagle jewelry, but hey, there’s still more outfits to come this week, so anything could happen!

WomensNationalsOutfit1shirt by Julia Farr


Nationals hat

earrings by Ruth Barzel

star ring

bag by Stitch and Drivet

navy wedges



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